so I went on twitter and looked at my timeline and saw two people (one german and a brit) I sort of know talking about their dogs which is cool, dogs are cool, I like dogs, I’ve got one myself and he is pretty cool but that’s not what I got a bit annoyed at. What I got annoyed over was when the brit said that her dogs name was Gunnar and how the german said that its a very german name. Well you see Gunnar is not a german name G√ľnther how ever is the german sort of version of the nordic name Gunnar. Back when the vikings sailed around and did their thing people had the name up in Sweden and Norway and not down in Germany. There’s a flippin’ runestone very near I live who has the name Gunnar written on it in the runic alphabet and that stone runestone is from year 800!

anyway you might thing I’m a rude ass bitch who gets annoyed at the smallest things but I really like history, I’ve read stupidly a lot of history back in school and college and I just think it’s important to know your facts before saying shit, okay?

I guess that’s all for now so remember kids get your facts right before saying things that aren’t true

history and names shit nerd rant i guess why do you follow me if you get offended?